The Silk

White silk is the base of all my scarves and wall art.  The weight (mm) of the silk may differ in its lightness or thickness,  the process remains the same.


The silk is prewashed and suspended in a frame

The surface may be treated with a sizing product to control the dyes or a 'resist' line applied to create  barriers.

Textile dyes are the dye of choice, both French and American made.  

The painting style is similar in many ways to water color techniques.

The final step is to steam-set the silk for several hours to permanently bond the dyes to the fabric.  Hand washing and a final pressing follow.


For Wearables:  gently hand wash in warm water with a mild liquid soap (Ivory), rinse with cool water, roll in a towel to absorb moisture and press with a warm iron and a pressing cloth.   Dry cleaning is not necessary.

Framed Silk Art should not be displayed in direct sunlight.  They can be lightly dusted but do not use any products. 

With proper care, your silk will bring you many years of enjoyment.